Lis10 Gallery, Milano, Italy
june 17 to july 30 2020
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AFRICAN VIBE _Press release and Curatorial text.pdf
Artists : Aboudia, Cheri Cherin, Cheri Samba, Frederic Bruly Bouabré, Gastineau Massamba, Gonçalo Mabunda, Mario Macilau, Mederic Turay, MOKE, Seni Câmara.

LIS10 Gallery, active for years in the research and enhancement of African art and culture, is pleased to present AFRICAN VIBE: a collective exhibition of African artists different for mediums but united with each other by the search for humanity through their works.

Starting from Aboudia with his naïf visions of soldiers, skulls, African fetishes, flashes of life, the street and current events consistent with a troubled and worrying vision of society that his art can transform into aesthetic redemption.

To continue with Chéri Chérin who places subject, form, representation, legibility and decoration on the same level, denouncing a world in which opportunism and comedy would like to prevail over the true values ​​for which it plays in its paintings.

Cheri Samba, master of popular painting since the early 90s, is now internationally known for the pleasant aesthetics he can give to the viewer, despite the strong themes of denunciation such as child soldiers.

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré thinker, poet, creative and scientist. Creator of a new alphabet consisting of 448 monosyllabic pictograms whose diffusion would allow European and African cultures to marry each other.

An attempt to pacify the world through universal language. Gastineau Massamba, counted among the most important African textile artists, sews by hand and embroiders sheets to create images of incredible expressive power.

Armed soldiers accompanied by texts and iconography describe, in contrast to an extraordinary formal beauty, the horror and despair of the war dramatically rooted in African geopolitics.

Gonçalo Mabunda creates masks and thrones using dismantled war materials such as bullets, parts of rifles and machine guns, used during the long and bloody civil war that has affected his country for 16 years.

Representative of Mozambique at the Venice Biennale, winner of many awards for Peace and Human Rights, Gonçalo creates sculptures from death instruments that are reborn through art, changing semantics and aesthetics.

Mario Macilau who through his works restores the dignity of socially isolated groups. Immortalize faces and places inhabited by marginalization and suffering, with the aim of restoring their esteem and respect, as inalienable values.

Mederic Turay street artist, painter, and rapper, with his creative eclecticism has already managed to position himself on the international scene thanks to a personal and identifying style. In his paintings we always find mixed techniques, spray cans, coffee, acrylic, chalk and in his subjects what often emerges is the theme of xenophobia and concern for the future of the new generations.

Moke known as a reporter painter, with a realistic and exuberant style, testifies to street scenes, bar scenes, night parties, neighborhood disputes always with color and humor, so much so that he managed not to make his social complaint immediate or invasive.
Cheri Samba
Frédéric Bruly Bouabré
Gonçalo Mabunda
Mário Macilau
Mederic Turay
Seni Awa Camara
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