Assunta Saulle & Laetitia Ky
Fondazione Made in Cloister, Naples, Italy
march 03 to may 05 2023
Assunta Saulle & Laetitia Ky
Friday 3 March 2023 in the beautiful setting of the Made in Cloister Foundation, at the Lab.Oratorio space, two solo exhibitions by artists Assunta Saulle and Laetitia Ky will be inaugurated.

The exhibitions, produced by Andrea Aragosa for Black Tarantella, Lis10 Gallery, and Eleonora De Blasio, open up a glimpse into the creative universes of two artists who, thanks to the peculiarity of their styles and poetics, have attracted the attention of the public and critics on the national and international art scene.

The magnificent complex inside the cloister of Santa Caterina a Formiello compares two extremely personal paths: that of the Italian Assunta Saulle and that of the Ivorian Laetitia Ky. The former punctuates her universe with 8 installations that synergistically combine the objectivity of photography with the plastic and expressive subjectivity of polymateric sculpture, entitled 'Universes and Worlds'. Lo sguardo di Medusa (Medusa's Gaze) is instead Laetitia Ky's project composed of a cycle of 11 photographs and 6 paintings whose subject is the artist herself, whose body becomes a support and an instrument of identity vindication. With her "hair sculptures", the Ivorian artist brings together the expressive and identity dynamics of body art with the documentary value of photography, producing a device for reflection and vindication.

The mirror and its double, a female Janus, a spectral complementarity of female universes, it is from the petrified photograms of contemporaneity that the project for a two-person exhibition was born, two women with different social and cultural essences confront each other on the dialogue of possible universes, on the subversive possibility of a breach of historical and social conventions.
The two artists Assunta Saulle and the Ivorian Laetitia Ky, investigate in their self-shots the historical-cultural controversies, the magical and esoteric universes, the search for roots, allowing a recomposition of the representation of the female body that is rhizomatic and open to possible stratifications of meaning, an artistic representation that becomes political through embodied subjectivities, ironic, rebellious, exhibited and exposed in a liberating motion.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition opening on Saturday 3 March from 6.30 p.m.
The exhibition will be open with Foundation access until 5 May 2023.
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