Armand Boua

Armand Boua is an Ivorian visual artist, born in Abidjan in 1978, Ivory Coast.

He lives and works in Abidjan. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts of the Ivory Coast and also studied at the Technical Center for Applied Arts, the Sainte Marie Training Institute and the Museum of Civilization.

The human condition is a pretext for the creation of Armand Boua. The favorite subject of his works is the wandering of street children.  The artist represents the street children of his hometown in powerful portraits that testify to the violence and political struggles of West Africa.

In fact, his artistic work has become a denunciation and a commitment in the fight against inhumanity. In Abidjan, the economic capital, a crossroads between urbanization and industrialization, the artist’s sensitivity has been sharpened.

The compositions of Armand Boua are distinguished by a structured processing thanks to the use of tar, acrylic, newsprint and magazines mixed with recycled materials. Each layer is applied and then torn, stripped, revealing abstract shapes.

The recurrent use of cardboard, as a support and canvas, is very symbolic for the artist: it is a constant reminder of the precarious support that these orphans use to sleep.

All the originality of his work therefore lies in the delicate balance between the violence of his execution and the delicate treatment of his subjects. The composition and tight framing of Armand Boua’s paintings give them a photographic dimension.

His works have been exhibited in London, Dubai, New York and Stockholm as well as in Abdijan his hometown and are included in the collection of the   Minneapolis  Arts Institution.


Solo exhibitions:

2020- Armand Boua, Les Gnambros. Online exhibition, Jack Bell Gallery

2019- Armand Boua, Kouman de Kekechoz, Jack Bell Gallery. London, UK

2018- Armand Boua, Mogo de Poy City, Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK

2017- Armand Boua, Clache Moi, Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK

-Armand Boua, Childen of Africa, AKKA Project Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2016- Armand Boua, Les Zinzins, Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK

2015- Armand Boua, Djossi a Yopougon, Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK

2014- Armand Boua, Enfants de la roue, Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK

Group exhibitions:

2020- 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London, UK
-1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, New York, New York, USA

2019- Art To Z: Spring Group Exhibition, AKKA Project Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2018- Rassemblement, Group exhibition, Jack Bell Gallery. London. UK

2017- Devil in disguise. Group exhibition, Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK

2016- Le Penseur, Group exhibition, Jack Bell Gallery, London. UK

2015- Studio Lumiere, 10 contemporary artists living and working in Africa, Jack Bell Gallery, London. UK

-Pangaea II: New Art from Africa and Latin America. Saatchi Gallery. London

2013- Art et Nature, 4e edition, Katadji, Ivory Coast

2012- Un regard sur Abidjan, Société EIFFAGE, Sénégal

2011- 1st Edition of Salon International des Arts Plastiques, Abidjan (SIAPA), Ivory Coast

2010- 9th Edition of DAKART. Biennale of Contemporary African Art. Senegal

-4th Edition of Festival d’Essaouira. Marocco

2007- 1st Edition of Pinceau d’Afrique, Stockholm. Sweden

-1st Edition of Festival des Arts Visuels. Abidjan (AVA). Ivory Coast